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I am a storyteller first,

but also an entrepreneur, a nomad, and a fierce advocate for equity.

Chef Koochooloo, INC.

My educational start-up, Chef Koochooloo, transforms common core-aligned lessons into recipes for K-5 children. Chef Koochooloo is an international educational platform that teaches kids STEAM through cooking via interactive mobile devices, as well as a web application and enrichment classes in elementary schools, private homes, and community centers. I founded the company on a strong premise of inclusivity, tolerance, and empowerment of youth. The stories I write are an extension of that goal. 

FairFunders, Inc.

I co-founded FairFunders in an effort to create equal opportunities for talented entrepreneurs in a unified effort to innovate, drive economic growth, and build a sustainable, tolerant world. FairFunders is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that helps underrepresented founders get funded: women, BIPOC, disabled individuals,  LGBTQIA, and others.

'Mark It! Book Club

I am the founder of 'Mark It!, a book club in La Hulpe, Belgium! The goal of this club is to discover and share the world hidden inside books of every kind. Every month, 'Mark It!'s members read a particular book and they meet up at a coffee shop or a residence to discuss.

Women's Startup Lab

As an advisor for the Women's Startup Lab, I have learned indispensable skills for navigating the world as a female entrepreneur. I've since worked as a project manager and celebrity recruiter for Imagining Ourselves: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women, published by the New World Library, and have spoken before government officials at the White House. I have also had several TV appearances over the past six years, including CBSN Bay area, Kidz Universe, Heart of Silicon Valley, and The Miss Sayé Show.

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