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About Me

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Born into the tumultuous Iranian Revolution, where women have been systemically oppressed for decades, I flipped the script to fuel her inner fire. At eight years old, I was an orphan, but I didn't let that stop me. I set a precedent that paved the way for a new social model where inclusivity and diversity are the norm. 


Relentless in my quest to accomplish my mission, I strive to build safe, inclusive environments for all. I am the co-founder of FairFunders, an advisor at the Women’s Startup Lab, and the founder and CEO of Chef Koochooloo, an educational software platform that encourages interdisciplinary, intercultural STEAM learning for children through cooking lessons. 


In my extensive personal and professional experience, one unifying truth shines through: I am the woman my younger self could have only dreamt of being. I try to continuously share that dream with the world in a valiant effort to educate, enlighten, and inspire others to be their best and make a positive difference.

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