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Cook to Learn with Chef Koochooloo

About the Book

Cook to Learn with Chef Koochooloo: Around the World in 30 Educational Expeditions is a cookbook for families with kids 4-12 that provides a holistic approach to learning. Each illustrated page contains a recipe from one of thirty different countries with a lesson that gives students the opportunity to learn while cooking. All of our recipes are native to their specific country. The recipes and their accompanying lessons promote healthy, sustainable eating practices and have vegetarian/vegan substitute options available. Each recipe has preparation details and careful cooking instructions. Instructions are divided between “Little Chefs” (children) and “Big Chefs” (parent/teacher) in order to ensure user safety. Every page is colorful and exciting, including high-resolution images and graphics. The inclusion of related science experiments and fun facts from each respective country creates a delightful experience for kids. Each recipe ends with a “Take Action Activities” section, where kids are encouraged to think beyond their own localities and spark a conversation with their parents regarding issues affecting kids in that country. Our goal is for parents to feel confident in the educational value of each recipe while children should hardly recognize they’re doing learning activities and just focus on the fun!

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