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Wedding Presents, by Wisheo!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

After a year of long distance planning, stressful negotiations with my fiance’s parents, and virtual decision-making, my husband and I finally said our wedding vows in Valbonne, France. Following a short and adventurous honeymoon, we began the most amusing task of all: opening the gifts and writing thank you cards.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and our friends proved to be far greater in numbers and generosity than we expected, the gifts kept rolling and we ran out of places for storing them. The obvious solution seemed returning some of the gifts, and as we began standing in long lines in Crate and Barrel, I could not help but wish that Wisheo had been launched a year earlier so we could've taken advantage of it for our wedding.

Wisheo is a new group gifting application that allows you to setup group gifts for your friends and family, and the organizer can collect money from the participants via PayPal. It eliminates the usual hassles and forcing the organizer to have to constantly remind everyone to pay their share as Wisheo takes care of this automatically. It is pretty easy to use, and has a wide selection of items to select from. It also allows you to personalize the invitation with pictures and text. We’ll be sure to use Wisheo as our registry for our next special occasion—hopefully a housewarming party!

Wisheo is also founded by some of the coolest people I know:

Stefan Pongratz – Marketing Stefan is one of the kindest people I know. He is half Swedish and half Chilean and has the best qualities from both words. He has more than eight years of varied RF experience and brings five years of product management experience to the group. Not only does he hold a BSEE and MSEE, he is currently working on his MBA at UC Davis.

Benjamin Bigaut – Graphics-User Experience

Benjamin has a strong interest in graphic arts and digital photography and is fluent in Photoshop. His artistic skills and experience will provide Wisheo’s users with the best graphical interface. Benjamin is currently working as a manufacturing manager at Anritsu and holds a BSEE from Virginia Tech. Benjamin is also a great chef and a great catch for any single ladies out there. His French accent alone will melt your heart.

Matthias Zeitler – Technology Matthias is a pioneer in global content lifecycles and translation process automation with lots of international business experience after leading an offshore software development organization in Russia and working in multiple countries. He currently works as a business consultant at SDL international. He holds a BS in CS and is currently working on his MBA at SCU.

To find out more about Wisheo, visit their website:

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