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The Google Guru (Lafillequibouge starts blogging!)

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Originally posted April 26, 2008.

Having been laid off a few weeks ago from eBay, I am in the midst of my job search. The process has been an enriching experience so far, providing me with the opportunity to learn first hand about all the innovative companies that are flourishing and currently hiring in the Silicon Valley. I have been laid off before, and considered myself an experienced jobseeker. However, right in the beginning of my search I noticed some major changes in the hiring requirements/process. I learned that being Web savvy in 2008 no longer means you are the Google guru or that you have completed your profile on Facebook.

Nowdays, most employers expect you to have a blog or two, tons of recommendations on LinkedIn, and a few associations/organizations you volunteer for on a regular basis. After my first couple of interviews where I had to shamefully admit to the hiring managers that all of my writing samples were in the forms of previously published newsletters or word attachments, I thought it wise to put an end to my embarrassment as soon as possible, and get on with the groove. Struggling for a good topic to blog about, I approached my neighbor Diana, whose fascinating Marketing Blog has captured my attention for a few months now.

Diana, what is your secret? How do you find time to blog in addition to your photography business, the CD you are recording, and all of the other projects you are involved in? Diana suggested I write about something I am an expert on, or feel passionate about so that I don’t’ have to spend much time on the research. Well what I feel most passionate about right now is the job search, and landing the perfect opportunity, in addition, I am truly enjoying learning about the various companies I am interviewing at. So I think I have found my topic, please feel free to leave your comments and criticism, and I’ll be sure to write about all of my upcoming adventures!

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